Tour overview


  • 3 nights Best Western Plus breakfast included
  • 6 nights DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Nungwi breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included
  • Experienced Professional Tour guide
  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel
  • All Entrances fees included
  • Transport waiting charges

Not Included

  • Pre/post accommodation and airport transfers (booking is available upon request). Alcoholic drinks. Personal items (e.g. cameras, visa and travel insurance).

Day 1

Arrive any time we meet at Zanzibar Airport or Seaport, we will drive you to the hotel, Zanzibar Palace Hotel or similar hotel including breakfast.

Day 2

This morning after breakfast, depart for a guided City Tour in Stone Town for 3 hours where our guider will introduce you to all buildings of interest and famous view points. Stone Town and its buildings are full of history and stories of the old time ago in Zanzibar, during the sultans (ARABS), EUROPIANS and MISSIONARIES. Zanzibar has written the history of this beautiful Island. You will visit the Anglican Cathedral and the Slave markets, the place of the sultans, Tip Tip's House, the Old Arabic Fort and of course the famous Zanzibar doors in our petite little streets. We will show you Henna Art and bring you to the fruit and vegetable market. So be ready for a walk through the long history of Zanzibar and its numerous streets After discovering the history of Stone Town you will take a 15 minutes drive to SPICE PLANTATION CENTER for a minimum 3 hours. We will take you on a tour of a farm and explain each and every spice you can find in Zanzibar. You wouldn't believe it. If you haven't seen it yourself, did you know that the Cinnamon Tree has 3 different smells? Or green, red and black pepper is the same plant? Would you recognize vanilla and why it is so expensive? After you have finished your tour, fully packed with nature secrets, you have time to buy spices, soaps and cremes which are all hand made by the community within the farm and also enjoy a fun lesson on traditional weaving.

Day 3

After breakfast depart for a full day guided tour - SAFARI BLUE. For an unforgettable day in zanzibar, we will drive you to FUMBA VILLAGE, where you will hop on a traditional dhow boat to sail to the breathtaking MENAI BAY home to a cluster of beautiful, uninhabited Island. Once you reach the destination, the dhow boat will be anchored in an idyllic spot, allowing you to swim around the island, snorkeling along the rich coral reefs, spot the frolicking dolphins or explore the pristine islets.The reefs surrounding the sandbank are the second snorkeling tip, the underwater world will seem very different compared. Enjoy the short trip with your boat towards your final stop where you reach the beautiful KWALE ISLAND, and our crew will be on secluded uninhabited Island. On this secluded uninhabited Island, you will enjoy the lunch fit for Kings from an island in the Indian Ocean, with slipper lobsters, grilled fish, calamari, chicken and rice and many more vegetables. But that's not everything! After your main course we will start a fruit journey with you up to 5 different fruits.

Day 4

After breakfast departure from the hotel and transfer to North Beach Part of Zanzibar, warm welcome at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - NUNGWI lunch , dinner and breakfast included.

Day 5

Day leisure or swims and play at the beach in front of the hotel, enjoying the beach or flexible to arrange any activities.

Day 6

A scenic drive from the hotel to the small village of kizimkazi, will drive you to one of the most incredible adventures - DOLPHIN TOUR. You will board a speed boat and head for the popular Kizimkazi channel, home to several school of wild bottlenose and humpback dolphins dive into the warm, dotted by the skimming arcs of these graceful creatures and try to swim as close as possible to them, they are very friendly and playful! If you are a keen snorkeler, you easily explore the marine rich reefs. On your return trip, you will stop and learn at the site of historic 12th century Mosque, which still contains the famous Kufic scripts in its walls, considered to be the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa, and well worth a visit for culture interest. This trip promises to be an exhilarating experience. After the tour you will drive to JOZANI FOREST CONSERVATION and traverse through Zanzibar's last remaining natural indigenous woodland on an enchanting 3 hours exploration of magnificent Jozani Forest. During a guided journey through the forest you will quickly learn about the different species of monkeys unique to Zanzibar (and yes, without a thumb). After your forest tour and the short hop to the other side of the National Park, there is an opportunity to uncover the magical world of the Zanzibar Mangroves. A walk along the wooden trail and you will see the thousands of crabs at work under the Mangroves and if you're lucky you might even be able to hear the Mangroves talking. After tours you will go back to the hotel for Lunch, Dinner and Overnight.

Day 7

Day leisure or swims and play at the beach in front of the hotel, enjoying the beach or be flexible to arrange any activities.

Day 8

Morning departure from your hotels identical to a full day, but at lunch time we anchor pristine ATOLL OF MNEMBA ISLAND and will set up a delicious meal of lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus, fresh fruits, water and drinks, and small snacks. MNEMBA ISLAND is a protected natural park, where you can admire corals and tropical fish that many of us have only seen in an aquarium, sea turtles and dolphins. It is famous for encounters with green turtles and common Dolphins. For some reason Mnemba dolphins really like to play. They often tend to swim right next to our boat, and so allow you to jump in the water to snorkel with them. After tours, you will be dropped off at your hotel for Lunch/dinner and overnight.

Day 9

Day leisure or swims and play at the beach in front of the hotel, enjoying the beach or be flexible to arrange any activities.

Day 10

Breakfast at the hotel - some leisure around the hotel till the time for departure, we will drive you to the airport/seaport.